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      Welcome to Qingdao Ease Pharmachem Co., Ltd

      Committed to the research promotion and application of animal health technology

      Founded in 1976 ,create more value for the Chinese animal husbandry and aquaculture.
      Market as a guide ,Product and Sales as the leading ,Brand and Service as the support, Technology research and Development as the foundation.


      Ease-GarlicPlant Extraction


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      HERBOFEEDPlant Extraction

      Origanum vulgarea extact etc

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      Deciquan Solution

      Deciquan SolutionDisinfectant

      Disinfectant Used for disinfecting

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      Qingdao Ease Pharmachem Co., Ltd

      A group company engaged in R & D, production and import and export trade

      Qingdao Ease Pharmachem Co., Ltd, founded in 1976, situated at Qingdao of Shandong province. Ease Pharmachem is specialized in manufacturing high quality animal pharmaceutical products including veterinary medicine, animal health products, feed additives, disinfectant,ect., integrating the research, development, production, foreign and domestic trade, marketing and service.
      The products are exported to more than twenty countries including Europe, Africa, South America, South East Asia and so on. We has eight modern GMP-certified producing lines which can produce the products as you order. As well our company has high-quality production equipments and inspection equipments which can make sure the quality of hundreds of products. Nowadays our annual output is above 20 million dollars each year.
      We consider quality and service as enterprise life. The whole company will make great concerted effort to develop efficient drugs beneficail both to the promotion of animal health and to the protection of food safety. We sincerely hope that we can be your best friend and establish a stable long-term cooperation mutual benefits relationship with you.

      Enterprise honor and qualification

      Founded in 1976 ,create more value for the Chinese animal husbandry and aquaculture. Do it by heart